mumbai local day 5

it’s noon 2.17,
this time i have to travel till kharghar reaching to meet my best friend. I travel in ladies compartments as I have mentioned previously but in weekdays i find people who are working some corporates, some college professor and teachers, some generic ones but all professionals.
But today I found a diverse crowd here,
diagonal to me there’s a maharashtrian lady I guess newly married with all the get up of a newly bride puts with extremely glitter effect.
Next to her there are a group of college girls with actual yo yo gang they are wearing crop tops and ribbed jeans with fansy phones clicking snap stories to their bits. In front of them there was a lady with h newly born infant. she was struggling to handle her like anything so one of the gang’s member gave her the seat.
I sat in a corner watching what’s happening around.

At koparkhane when the train started some good noise started which later on I realised that there are people who don’t allow others to get in the train.
Funny isn’t it?

Never had I thought that destiny will make me reach out here and I will start my blogs in the name of mumbai locals.


if you a any new memories of your mumbai locals add in the comments.

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