mumbai local day 7

good morning,
it’s a Tuesday morning yesterday was so tiring to work on.
Today it’s a little easy to work on the train is a little spacious.
I have to stand holding handles so i have found a trick to stand comfortably and it’s go and give support your back with a side of iron wall which will help you to not to fall in the jerky moves.
In journeys people’s best friend is their earphones they could easily talk, listen musics YouTube whatever in these crushes.
There are a lot more to speak yet people remain quite.
You see I travel only in single line train i dont have to interchange but in the main line of mumbai local is very busy.
like yeah, very very busy.
people crush each other while they travel
and it is believed locals are the heart of mumbai.
if it stops nothing works.
so whenever you are in mumbai be prepared for the railway lanes and A huge crowd in it.


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