mumbai local diaries #day 4

it’s evening 6.31 today was a bit relieved I got a seat to sit, morning as well.
People are so materialistic here everyone is in their phones.
From Aroli to CBD Belapur it’s 8 stations and it sometimes seems to be like 800 miles with such trains.
Today morning while I was going to office there was a lady in the middle of the row sitting and she was distributing some home made snacks it was so unusual to see such stuff she sold 7packets at one go the influenced other ladies also to buy from her. The packets were of 50rs per pc.
I have often seen people selling at the station, near trains but haven’t seen such trade system.
something very very new.
If I have to describe the train how it is you’ll be laughing like anything.
Mumbai Locals are of violet and white coloured train of 12 compartments which sometimes used to contain 3 ladies compartments.
it has two way opening in each compartment and seats are there on both the side.
For the people who are standing the trains have dozens of handles to hold so that one could prevent falling by jerks and jolts of high speed.

The funniest thing of mumbai local is the seats of sitting ones are reserved by the people standing ones prior they are getting down to near by stations.

more over I have learnt that whenever you’re at a crowded place hang your bags in the front side. It’s easy to carry and move.

Btw I have reached to my place.
if you have any other story of mumbai local do add to my diaries in comment section.
see you people tomorrow take care.


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