Yeah I know I’m late and I’m quite late watching the seasons of 13 reasons may be I was too stupid to watch English series
And after watching I found suicide is not a sudden activity it comes gradually into one’s mind, it takes alot of courage to kill our ones own self.
It’s something very very serious wondering what it takes to be at this level at this deadline point.
while after watching it I couldn’t resist to confess that it was me a few years ago and like us there are many. It’s not about doing drama or seeking attention it’s about making yourself present in the whole world which made you feel invisible.
It’s not about making up stories it’s about telling your own truth.
Researchers have told that negative emotions turn you on to engage with social media while I say there is one strong feeling to show people about how unique you are while everyone considered you below average also makes one keep updating the small actions being taken.
There is one strong voice inside the person regularly reminding that no one loves you and no one is bothered.
You’re alone and always be, everyone’s so happy while why only me is considered as this dark. Why me??
And that is what it makes one ponder around such questions such an emotion.
One feels that there is one hidden camera and may be I might be seen to someone making
But this is one side of the truth partial one may be the other side has something more to say.
Anyways what about that person and feelings,
What about the person is still sinking or may be drowning tied a stone on their feet may be one is not able to recognise what help is needed.
There’s only one thing that helps is
After 23 long years of struggle with a taste of severe depression I found out myself that there’s one thing very very important – acceptance.
Even if I’m alone I should be ready to accept and say that’s okay dude not a big deal.
Even if society considers it accepts and say doesn’t matter.
Even if no one bothers accept and bother your own self.
Accept your own being on earth its your life and no one else.
No one is responsible to bother you and no one should be at guilt.
It you are able to understand this feeling just tak to someone and express
If you ain’t able to express just write
If not able to write speak and speak.
I promise you’ll start feeling better.

From an evolved writer