He called this evening while I was busy on another call with a friend.
he wanted to see the screen shots of the call list I did the needful

Knowing the fact that you cheated on me still being answerable to you for your each and every question.

May be I was at my guilt what I did to you last year. May be it didn’t go at all what happened and hence I didn’t want you to feel any bit of it.

Hence knowing the fact of getting cheated I still kept quite and gave you the chance of asking questions about my relations and life and cheating which I did to him in his head.

Life isn’t easy neither I wanted it to be for me I wanted it to be with full of adventures and guess what it gives me kicks.

So today in the afternoon when I thought of asking him about what he did. Seeking questions about the stuff which I was supposed to ask you denied to stay with me.
Your words are still playing in my mind just like an enchantment
for the question – “do you really want to depart? ”

and you said – “I don’t want to but I can’t love you anymore.”

And then on one fine day like others you too walked away.

– shraddha.