mumbai local day 9,

hie everyone
it’s a very very lazy morning it took a lot of efforts for me to wake up today. i was late for the office but i reached station on time still i am getting the feel that I’m missing something and whenever I get this feel I always miss one.
It’s kind of now I’m getting used to this life. Ladies here are of all sorts I mean you can’t judge them that these are of what class but major chunk of guys and girls are working.
You know I usually stand and travel when I get a seat it’s a good luck.
It’s good over here now I have stopped with the feeling of slow life.
May be because of the series of my mumbai local diaries, may be I have some work in office or may be with the idea of making schedule of videos and blogs.
I still feel some glitch due to the past stuff happend in college with the people yet it’s getting recovered.
There are some regular travelers in the local at my time this made me to recognize them we kind of pass smile to each other.

Hey by the way, within just two station the train got too empty. I’m able to see the floor and handles upside. I don’t get to see such views at this time usually.
One evening while I was travelling to thane to meet a friend I was sitting in the train next to a girl. When I asked her to shift a little she said you can move inside I don’t mind and that very moment I thought to finish my Abhishek upmanyu standup comedy shows and she started getting interest by looking me laughing like anything.

This blog is giving me wings to move as well as it helps me to check out girls their dresses and makeup.