mumbai local day 8,

welcome to A lazy morning,
today was an adventurous start to my local journey.

As soon as the train came i was about to get in but it was too full and people were huge so i had to stand at the edge of the door it was something which I was fearing looking at my legs at the edge and the outside view.

And on the next stop I got down let the others to get down and then again got in,
Some how I managed to stand at a place which was comfortable but till Koparkhairne it was amazingly packed.

I wondered that what will be the time when one a locals will be on leave.
I found a seat in the evening.

And was feeling super sleepy. I came back with a sleepy mode and then got an idea to watch a stand up comedy show of Abhishek Upmanyu which I was very much and he’s super funny with his jokes.

While I was watching those episodes which I missed in June during examination I was laughing out loud in a public place called the train. The girl sitting next to me got excited too with my laugh and she was tempted to ask – hey what are you watching?

I replied – stand up comedy of a person.

She said then okay acha… nice.

and this is how I reached to my station back.


if you have any further story to add in your mumbai local experiences do share with us in comment section.

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