Good morning,

sorry for skipping the first day which I will be writing In a day and posting cause it took a lot to settle, so it was skipped.

It has been second day of my journey in Mumbai locals,
I had been traveling through road, rails and trains more than that I had been moving through metro as well but locals in my senses for the very first time.

So welcome to my world,
this has been not so good experience here although I was very excited to be here in Mumbai have a job and live fullest but the reality is something else.

When you come closer to something you realise the deep dark stuff of the laid truth
so morning day before yesterday I downloaded an app of locals which I thought could be helpful yet I was scared so I chose autos may be the fare is high but comfortably I could reach but this won’t be lasting more so the very next day was my day to arrive the local platform

I am not liking the locals cause it initiated badly I reached at the wrong platform was about to miss my train and then didn’t get a place to get it.

Super crowded.
One has to measure the Mumbai’s crowd don’t go for census count but move to local stations one will get to know.

oh yeah I forgot to mention,

I have downloaded an app for the locals called m- indicator, thinking it’ll be similar to delhi metro one.

trust me one can’t understand if you don’t have a guide. It’s good I’m struggling with such stuff else the life would have been too boring.

I have reached my station,

See you tomorrow.
if you have more stories to add to mumbai local do add to my diaries in comment section.

– Shraddha

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