Dear Old earplugs,

You might be roughed, tapped, torn and not in a state of working yet if you’re in my drawers you mean a lot to me.

May be you have a crisis of existence but you were always responsive in need.

May be you’re just a part of my memories yet you have been an essential part of my life, you’ve been there with my happiness you were the witness for my confessions and sorrows, you were the biggest support to heal my narrows.

I don’t think those lyrics would mean that way if you weren’t there. The mic had recorded all the starts and ends.
You have seen my love breakup and hookups.

Now that you ain’t working all I want to say that you’re and will always be one of best memories among my collection.

No matter how many new plugs or buds I have you’ll always be with me. #likeforever


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