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Welcome to my happy place new blog story after along long time it’s about a girl who finds changes through her journey and travel of her life.

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Story of lost yet founded girl.

It feels good on a Sunday lazy morning when you find some life changing revelation about yourself.

It felt that I’m back to my days while I was happy and felt like writing getting cues but yet didn’t start cause I felt I will write one day.

This morning when I woke up and it was a leave while no one was there around me then too I didn’t feel a necessity of anyone. Loneliness didn’t dodge me now I got to know this pretty clear that I’m not a person who wants to be with people who stays happy when she’s in her lone lazy pyjamas, in her bed with some good movies and ideas for writing.

With time you change, you grow, you realise, you decompose yet you move. This is what happened in last one year with me I have observed a lot about me and sometimes I feel have I changed or I was like this. Sometimes your people tells about your changes.

And at this point you feel strange, weird like is it? Is it so? Won’t I be boring will it be helpful, sometimes fearful as well.

This is all this girl was thinking this Sunday and then she moves to her memories of past two years back while she ended her engineering and moved to capital of India Delhi to pursue her studies.

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