Hi readers,

Welcome to the world of my new blog story and this is about a traveller, what goes inside him/ her.
Truly based on true experiences. So gear up and get ready to get a ride to this person’s experiences and adventures.

So what comes in mind if hear a word call travelling you get ideas of sexy places, different good images, clothes, baggage, rides, rail road air, hotels, food and some movies like zmrd dil chahta hai isn’t it?
But how many of us know exploring new places could build a new person in one’s soul.
Yes! It does, it does ignites something which is silent in you,
It does wakes you up who was sleeping in you,
It does gives a happening sensation whenever you ride your the very next trip,
It does helps you find who you are,
It does helps you to meet not only the new people but making friends with new kind of species and even nature.
It helps you to make you believe that you are just a traveller in life as well.
It makes you believe the power of now
It makes you believe that the conveyance is you home and visitors are your guest.
It makes you realise the strength of niravana the exact peace what is influences you to move and keep moving.

Yes travelling helps you to be this
Hence I’m here to present a story of a real traveller who is a person next to the door made of flesh and blood but he respires through adventures. Let’s get to know more about the experiences.

Stay tuned for further stuff.