I wanted something else by this life or life wanted me to be someone else. May be that’s why his span was so less in my life.
Yes he was only for 8 years with me….

Hey people this is shraddha and her daily Inner Confessions please see if you could relate to it.

I was a simple young girl who just entered to her 7een she was about to finish her schools. I always had simple dreams not so showy and never shimmery I had just a dream to get married and have two kids. Making breakfast for him going office being back. He preparing tea. Weekend outing. A lot of romance with fun. Daily dates and little fights just to add spice.

So perfect isn’t it? Yeah it was and while I was growing up keeping my dreams alive. My daily wish from God was to make me meet to my Mr right .
When one fine day I found him, not in that filmy way which I dreamt but yeah… I met him in my tuitions. He was friend of one of my close friends. And regularly I used to visit ma’am’s place I never had hit on him.
He was tall not 6 feet but umm okay 5’11 and half Hahaha yeah he used to clarify this always. He was good looking with an attractive physique. Let’s call this one with a name say “Arjun”. Who won’t be hitting to such an awesome guy.

This world is full of mirage you see something great from far and you get nothing apart from sands. This happened.
Let’s wait for the next part of my confession page. Till then good night. Loads of love.