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Welcome back to my new blog post – My Man. Its about a kind of a person which a girl wants.  India is a place where majority of girl’s still have a lack of power to choose their best person.  

So,  since the birth of every girl people feed her with this mind set that she has to get married and go to her husband’s place. As if it is the only aim in her life. Anyways!  Just because of this she starts weaving a kind of fairytale Web around her thinking about her wedding day and her man. 

So there is a huge list about the qualities of her would be such as 

  • talk
  • Smart
  • Downtoearth
  • Decent 
  • Bears all her nakhras(tantrums) 
  • Caring 
  • Protective 
  • Mild possessive 
  • Loyal 

And what not.  By this mind set and full of feelings when she grows up her eyes reveals every bit of it.

This teen age technically called puberty is also a kind of unusual of people it makes you try all new stuff which you haven’t ever tried and same goes with “she”.

But little did this girl of India know that our society is male dominant one. Here people consider boys as a superior class,  just because of this boys has a kind of ego which is called a male ego in them.  They have this fixed thoughts about girls that she should be doing all household stuff, regarding her clothes, limited friends and gender bias. 

Sometimes is male ego is so in high rate to people that boys are unable to see that they are upto. Sometimes they are shrude wild and destructive. Being non Humble is considered but being shrude isn’t. 

Sometimes it’s not able the flair of love but a sensitive heart which is needed to love. 

So the basic thing which is much needed for a person in their partner is sensitivity.  It means if a person is sensitive enough about you he /she will put you on their shoes and think what you are going through.

In conclusion I would like to say that it’s not about the quality but sensitivity in a person to be needed to be loved. 


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