Hey readers, 

A very happy and prospering dhanteras to all. 

Welcome back to my new blog post Let’s celebrate!!  Its about a festival week how to celebrate,  my own kind of celebrations Vs which is done socially. 

What is the first thing clicks in your mind when the word festival is announced? 

Socialising,  meeting relatives, cooking tempting food & sweets,  worships, shopping,  status updates, and new clothes, crackers – colours many more. 

So,  it’s a festival week special diwali. Every year this occasion is counted as the most auspicious one.  A month  before people start preparations, cleaning their houses and terrible thing is travelling is hectic in these days. 

But now in modern days of technology festivals and gatherings are done on WhatsApp and snapchat stories. What’s the meaning of a festival if family ain’t together. 

My kind of festivals should be when family gathers together and make quality time together. Anyhow time will pass soon and life is short to judge society. 

If we ain’t able to celebrate in q grand way doesn’t matter but if we lack in giving time to togetherness will are missing the major part of our life. 

So,  this diwali let’s celebrate a quality time with you loved ones lightening happiness in everyone’s heart. Capturing an instagram selfie with a caption – #letscelebrate. 


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