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Welcome back to my new blog post Identity!  Crisis? Reveals some sweet bitter truth of life,  which I feel everyone might be feeling or would have felt. 

So, people say we are a combination of flesh and skin but I say we are a combination of skin flesh and situations we have been through. 

If we imagine our life as a story book,  then each day will be counted as a page and each new instance taking place will be a new chapter. In short if I say we are the main character of our own stories.  

So now,  just like movies or novels we want our actions and life to be known for ane that’s what called is identity. Getting known and being recognised also comes with its pros and cons but that is something we should talk later,  right now the issue is each of us from our birth are dwelling into this identity crisis (fear of not recognised). 

Yeah you heard right!!  Identity crisis, this term might be not as you are reading but if you are dwelling with questions such as, 

  •  another year has gone my life is still? 
  • College over now what? 
  • What am I doing with my life? 
  • Further studies or job? 
  • Will this job last long? 
  • Future career?  Dicy situation!! 

Then my dear friend you are in a state of identity crisis. And our mind is very tricky it finds its own excuses for letting these years to pass with these questions making more strong and stuck in our body. If lack of food or necessities (survival)  is a problem then it’s not a problem cause then our moto will be earning by any means. But if the point is about a job of satisfaction then it will lead to frustration. 

With many research and talking to people whom I considered intellectual 

(cause I was hailing in the same boat and still I am)I came to a conclusion of this situation that – 

  1. if situations are not in your hand wait and watch till situations are in your favour. 
  2. When your are waiting don’t just sit and wait but prepare yourself that when the situation is yours you are good to go. 
  3. Don’t give excuses of lack of opportunities,  find opportunities in what you have almost all successful people get some extra stuff they found their own ways in what they had. 
  4. Don’t follow your passion,  bring your passion with the opportunities. 
  5. Even if you fail or dislike what you have involved in its okay!!  Think you are doing something unless you will taste the food you won’t realise that it’s your favourite or not. 

In the end I will again say this fear won’t go easily it will stay with us but if you start practice the above points it will help you to answer your questions in a single line –  atleast I’m doing of something my own. 

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