While I was blooming, 

It knocked at my door, 

I was new to it, 

So I was assuming. 
Was it was? 

Something feary, 

Or something deary. 

Shall I let it in, 

Or to get within, 
It was bright and fuming, 

Yet I feared with its glittering, 

It’s tempting,  hard to resist, 

For a while I was in a mist. 
His sensual words, 

Touched my untamed soul, 

Clearing barrier on the roads, 

Taking along with him whole. 
They say,  I love you 

Are magic and new, 

But for me,  

Will you marry me, 

Heard like setting me free. 
I had now wings, 

Flying high up in the sky,

In my own musings. 
Oh love,  why are you so adore? 

From a bud I have bloomed, 

To a crimson coloured  flower. 
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