Hey readers, 

Welcome back to my new blog post writer’s block.  Before starting this blog I want to apologise to you all that I’m not able to share posts frequently because I have my exams but soon will again come back with a bang. 

So,  since I have started writing I have experienced alot of changes in me.  Moreover,  when you are a writer or a blogger or you pen down anything you experience  various phases in  you life related to this writing. 

Writing is like my best friend,  there won’t be a single day left when I don’t write,  be it a sentence or a quote anything.

So among those phases there’s an important phase in this writing community called writer’s block where a person is willing to write and have that urge to but his mind is blocked. Words do dangle in mind yet the emotions and exact punch doesn’t arise, When a person thinks to begin with pen and ends up with a blank paper,Or when the person knows his potential yet he’s unable to express the exact frame of words.  And the worst part is there is no fixed time to it to end this phase it might be another minute or might takes months and months to get our of it. 

 I have even heard in an interview of a star who has mentioned writing as his gf and writer’s block like a temporary breakup between writer and thoughts. 

According to my experience and knowledge about this phase of writing is  it happens when you have words but lack of thoughts and  raw emotions. Yet,  it’s a dangerous phase  it has no time limit and the ability to think like a writer reduces to half. 

However,  when I feel such situations I never wait for the write time and get over it.  I just read that luxury period of time.  When we start reading our thoughts will start working on it. 

Any idea are not fully formed they get clear once you started working on it. 

So when anyone is going through this writer’s block phase :

  1. Try not to get agitated. 
  2. Try to read as much as you can. (Think, as you have got some bonus time to read.)
  3. Observe your thoughts. 
  4. Jot down the raw emotions and keep it somewhere in your list, once you are back with writing reframe it. 
  5. And think of a theme when whole you observe. 

Remember, this phase is temporary and it will go.  I wish all the writer to have a successful career. 

Happy writing, long live the pen.

everyone is a writer!  Everyone has a story. 

Some are written in books and some are confined to hearts. “

                                         – Savi Sharma. 

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