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These days I have been being a bit busy so could not be able to keep up with lengthy posts, still I try to be in touch with my small one liners. So without wasting time lets begin with this new blog post Dream World. 

I was a couch potato since my childhood, sitting on my couch with a fluffy cushion below my head and TV remote in my hand with my favorite channels. These channels changed along with age and tastes ( Cartoons, Daily Soaps, Movies, musics and now you-tube shows.) Anyways! without any further explanations coming to the point, I and many people like me enjoyed watching TV’s just because we love to be in our imaginary world. But do anyone know this imaginary states have its definite pros and cons.

Sometimes the imaginations of our visual world we see could make you more diligent. Sometimes a dream of living a perfect life leads you to depression.

So, I am a carefree girl, I never give a second thought to any decision still while I was watching a web-series I found  reality, the benchmark of every lifestyle to prove it as a perfect or non perfect one is ours. Even shades of our color has a benchmark of our own skin. What we don’t have is counted as a mark of a better life and vice versa.

But actually we don’t know what perfect life is, our fears and lack of desires makes this definition limited. Are we that vulnerable, that we are confined to a perfect life and not more than that ?

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