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A short try of making a collab with some of my fellow writers. Do give a read how 4 insomniacs give their confessions out. 

It is 1 in the morning and I’m missing you like hell.
I can text you now but what comes in between is the brain that is brawling endlessly with the heart.
To be or not to be the first one to fix the things up.
To be or not to be always the first to make things like before.
To be or not to be the one to give up after every stupid fight.
I want you back in my life.
I can do whatever it takes to do exactly that. But what is the point??
I don’t want to go through all of that once again.
I have come to terms that we are not meant to be together.
Not in this life. Not in another.
As of now it seems difficult, even impossible to get over you.
But I’ve survived a whole month.
There would come a day when you would no longer matter a thing to me.
Just a memory.
A bittersweet memory. If I text you today,
I’ll be giving you another chance to hurt me. I can’t keep crawling to you every time.
I just cannot. So in the end, my mind wins.
I do not text you. And I don’t sleep as well. But one day I will. Like a baby.
That day I would completely be over you.

It was 2a.m. in the morning, when i suddenly woke up,
I got up and went towards the window where I felt the cool wind
Feeling the pleasure I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, feeling free.
But then suddenly your image poped up and my breath hitched.
It felt like the air lacked oxygen and my chest felt heavy.
Only you can have this effect on me, where I forget everything around me,
I laughed at the realization, that i certainly was’t going to get any sleep, because even now you completely invade my thoughts.
I was reminded of the days when i had fallen head over heels for you.
When one look from you would take my breath away
When your name would bring a broad smile on my face
When only a brief eye contact would make me blush.
How adorable those days were!
Now when I open my box of memories, all i feel is deep and intense pain.
And it reminds me that you just appeared as a beautiful mesmerizing dream but instead were a haunting nightmare.

It 3 am now,
And I am still waiting,
I am still waiting for the person who will never come back,
Still waiting to see that “online” under your contact.
As I know u used to get awake in the mid of the night.
And I remember how I have always been there by your side.
But today things are different,
I know you won’t be up because now……….
now u don’t need me anymore,
As u are going to start a new life,
And I am still waiting for the one who is not mine.
And don’t know why I still think about you all time,
Why I still think that you are all mine.
May be this is my way of keeping myself away from the truth.
May be this the way I induce,
Induce myself that everything is fine,
The man of my dreams is still mine..
For my love is not bounded with reality
Now onwards I will live virtually.

Checking my phone,
It shows its 4am,
Damn why I couldn’t sleep,
This feeling, why is it so deep.
Those last seen and your name in search options on top.
I know yeah! I do stalk.
Hoping to see just a status of yours,
Giving me a hint to be called ours,
Are you really gone?
Why I have get remind this daily?
You were my habit and it doesn’t go easily.
Yeah! My hear is broken and I’m shattered.
Still I’m smiling, here with voice unheard.

-Vasavi, Simran, Priyanshi, Shraddha.

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