Hey readers, 

It has been long time I haven’t written posts, Welcome back to my new blog post illusory living. This is my first confession blog telling about my own thoughts and experience. 

Note:-  So,  among many avid readers my best friend is one of them and he asked me to increase my horizon on writing.  But,  I get proper emotions when I observe things keenly and the most we observe is ourselves. Hence,  looking forward to my blog.  

So,  these are the days for me to survive sitting idle and doing nothing  in the name of preparations. 

While a person does preparations,  it collects a lot of effort,  struggle,  roller coaster stories behind it, anyways!  The same goes with me.  I’m wishing since long to get out of this situation and be in a routine with professional life.  I wanted to stay away from this place, thinking of nothing belongs to this place.  It would sound more cool when I  will be in a metro city,  surrounded by people of high class. 

This evening when my mind gave up even on quotes and words started dancing in my mind, WhatsApp texts giving me an ignorance sensation and YouTube started buffering.  I kept my phone aside and sat with my self for a while. That was the time I felt.  Shraddha!  You have stayed in four states, does a place has any difference in your life apart from the colours of walls and the designs of cots. Does it even give any change apart from my social media profile now suggests a different city.  

Then why I’m so worried. My matter of concern should be the life which I had to lead and not the place. 

What was I fearing about?  That I’m of small town,  hardly matters,  when I will be in a big city. Do anyone give a damn about you.  No, then what’s the problem. 

I think the place to live should have safety,  security and peace. Be it any place over world. 

By this thought I made a calm conclusion that we are living in an illusory life. 

More experiences will be shared further. Till then share your reviews in comments. Take care have fun. 

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