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Welcome back,  so yesterday evening I was talking to Richa and meanwhile I got to know about an IAS officer committed suicide and left a video clip note.  I have been  through  many such cases and want to talk about it. You might have been through  many such talks might be this is just another one but trust me when you are facing with any such thoughts it might help alot. 

I’m sure everyone in life would have atleast once had this feeling of ending life without any reason. But wait for a second and think twice.  No one stops living before there death. 

So,  why suicide? 

It doesn’t happened instantly.  People  might say coward and weak people commit such actions.  It takes alot of time.  Our mind then constantly fights with itself, arguing with regards to what shall be done? Why I’m I born? Why is it happening?  Silent depression comes and start making its place into the person. 

Trust me it needs alot of effort to control depression over our minds. 

What after it? 

On,  earthly basis family, relatives, friends, acquaintance will cry weep grieve and then start getting busy into their own lives. Try to forget with a tag line the person is gone by himself. 

By spiritual term,  there is a life rule we will surely take birth once gone.  Like we change clothes soul changes body. 

Remember we will have to start again a new life unless we find the reason to live. 

Symptoms for this? 

When we see a certain change in our closed ones behavior,  a kind of silence,  or sudden jovial nature,  getting emotional very soon,  or talking about the problems, making their presence to be seen. Dissappearing in between the crowd. 

For self realisation symptoms are – silence,  always mind cripples with thoughts,  fights inside us,  feeling of loneliness,  believing of uselessness of living,  worthless and good for none,  pity on one’s self. 

Remember its just a phase it will pass

How to stop this feeling of ending life? 

Whenever you feel struggle, indulge yourself in something what you  like to do.  Try to write your emotions in any language you can,  try to record it and keep it private. 

If you see your friend’s behaviour being change try to talk to him/her.  Embrace their actions. Don’t leave them even if they misbehave. 

Remember just an effort may save a life. 

Life is more than what is seen. 


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