Hey readers, 

So today’s blog is very special to be as it’s about roomie, I know  many of us had been through the exact meaning of this word,  now this is an open letter to my roomie who had been my biggest support when I was away and alone. 

Dear di, 

I still remember  the first day I entered the pg room, that day I asked aunty that roomie  to thek hain na,  and she said yes you are from North.  It was a sign of relief for me. 

Then I entered and you were sleeping,  the first conversation I had with you was we will keep our expenses separate and I was like cool may be you are practical. And the very next jester of your was so overwhelming  that I felt I’m not alone, you took me to the market to show in your absence. 

And the days passed we became sisters, your small untold moves always kept close to you. Do you remember  when you did get angry first when I came late from movie or when I never used to reach at time.

I remember  the way you cooked food, or the way we ate the late night orders food or the dosa from opposite side of road,  the Chinese which we planned,  I remember  how crazy you were for shopping.   Our first clubbing that ladies night and the fun. Morning – night shifts,  late night parties. The juice  corner and the mostly I used to lock the door and go to office. Hahah those days.  When I used to sleep how silently you used to do your work. Keeping my food aside, scolding me to eat and eat. I do remember  my last day and I told you to be back.  I will be back di. 

Thank you for sharing your makeup things and making me abit decent from  a clumsy monkey look. Thank you for keeping food when I’m sleepy and unable to reach.  Thank you for encouraging me more and more even in my silliest achievements. Thank you  for helping me to cope up. Thank you for sharing a sister in you with me. 

I knew we were not staying permanent but you were not less than that too.  

Thank you di.  Love u.

Your, roomie cum sister.  


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