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Someone whom I respect the most asked me this question what is more important career or independence? 

My answer to this question is independence is more important  but career is a way for us to reach out to independence.  

Now people will think how?yeah!  Its like a black and white colours of a chess board.   But it’s the truth independence  and career are so interrelated to each other that we can’t even  find the difference  between apart from the individual words. 

Independence  is something which gives us liberty to take our own decisions and live our own.  Where as career is reaching to a specific goals and through  which the by product we gain is fame, popularity,  money and sometimes independence  as well. 

But the only difference  is career necessarily doesn’t  gives liberty to take our life’s own decisions. 

For example,  if a person  is a farmer and taking his life’s decision  he’s independent,  like people  working in private companies they have to plan their decisions according to the company’s policies,  hence they have a good career but not independence.  

However, it gives way to independence,  once we have started earing or we are financially strong we are not dependent on another.  Though everything  goes hand in hand.  Still it has a slight difference. 

Now I will ask my readers what’s important for them career or independence for them? 

Please share your views.  Will meet you in the next blog.  Take care 


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