Recap : Dr. Suhan and Ashi met in a Dental Hospital  and fallen for each other,  they had told their family  about their love but family denied, Suhan had been to Ukraine  for his Masters and Ashi called him as her parents  are getting her engaged to someone else.
Mid September, 2006:

That morning flight  landed to Indira  Gandhi Delhi International  Airport,  and look whose here.  Oh my god!!!  Suhan is back, without  informing  anyone  on just one call. Suhan booked a cab and went to his younger  brother to Siddhart who stayed near Gaziabad, working at NTPC.  It was around 10AM. Suhan reached and got himself fresh, telling Siddhart the whole scenario, this was their faith in each other that they could understand  each other without any argument or debate, after a few hours Suhan went to meet Ashi,  she was so delighted to see him.  A sign of relaxation  came on her face. She felt that she made a right decision  to choose Doctor Suhan as her life partner, she’s no more alone in all these mess, it’s not only her problem  alone,  they both  together  will sort this out.  Now she was ready to leave her pg seat that year for Suhan. 

“Let’s get married, ”  Suhan said,  

” our parents won’t agree after that even Suhan, there should  be some solid solution to sort this out.” Ashi replied  in softly. 

“Once we will get married,  we will go back to our respective  home and convince  them for proper marriage  with rituals and witnesses, I think this will workout, ” Suhan answered her unasked question. 

” Yeah,  that might be a good idea, but we aren’t considering it our marriage, okay” says Ashi. 

That night was abit mixed for both the people.  Getting married  was abit joyous as well as running and getting married is fearful.  But they had no options and life is brutal sometimes.  

We don’t develop  courage being happy everyday,  we develop  it by surviving difficult  times and challenges  in adversity. 

And the day of marriage.. 

 Ashi got ready in morning and came to NTPC,  now they looked each other and was like,  

“Suhan,  what’s the plan?  Anything further? ”  asked  Ashi. 

” I will contact  an advocate and will plan further,” Suhan  replied. 

“come on,  book a cab, I have already done that,  let’s get married now,” added Ashi. 

Yeah!!  Really it sounds like chalo shadi krte h types.   But it happened  though.  

They had been to advocate,  and then. 
with the help of witnesses and signatures on the marriage  certificate,  Dr.  Suhan and Ashi were legally married. The so called Just married  type.  They exchanges garlands and  clicked photos as well.  Happy moment for them. 

How adventurous it was we could feel like a viewer,  but the one who is in their shoes could feel the what was going  through  them. Isn’t it?? 

 But she wasn’t yet happily  his,  unless she would get agreement  of both the parents.  

So what about parents? Yeah! 

Suhan’s father  was an NRI.  So he was at abroad most of the times.  And his mom used to stay at home with her youngest child in those days. 

That morning his mom was trying to call Suhan on his Ukraine’s contact  no.  But it sounded like “the number you’re trying  to reach is out of service,  please  try after sometime.”   After so many such replies  she had a doubt,  where is Suhan?  Why is his number not reachable?  Is he back to India?  All these questions  and  the fear of loosing her soon was not able to get her asleep.  May be this was a sense of worry for her child staying alone in a new country,  may be she was scared he will be ruining his future getting married  to the girl he mentioned  her. Sometimes extra care of parents tends Children to lie to them.  It will be understood with action of time. 

She called Susan’s telling  him everything.  Now what?  

Please  stay tuned  about  the just married  couple..  Till the next part arrives…

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Happily His!! ❤️❤️ #Part 1 

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