This morning I woke up and checked my phone as usual,  checked my WhatsApp status –  15 people  photos with their father wishing them happy father’s day,  then I scrolled my Facebook  account from top to bottom I only saw people  photographs with parents and wishing their life’s super hero their own day. And then instagram every social media was celebrating the so called  Father’s Day. 

I was like what?  Like seriously??Half of their parents might not be even on these social medias.  Is it the right place to show the emotions  and attachment with their parents they have.  

These days we like to stay nuclear,  either being in a family or being bachelor,  but wants to celebrate all the important  occasions on virtual memories.  Like yeah!!  Happy birthday  cutipie,  Finally placed.  Are these places helps us to give real happiness.  

Visiting a new unusual  happening place,  even natural tragedies are now getting updated giving their proof of intense urge of showing the world how much  excited we are. Do we realise it’s just a social media?

These days travelling somewhere without  updating is a crime, and unique yo yo selfies are compulsion.  I still remember  one evening I visited to India gate and saw each and every people  over there were just busy  to take selfie and selfie.  Are these selfies proofs of reliving your moment of life.  

I understand  people in life are so important  and we want them to get connected  but I ask everyone, is it correct to put each and every important  moments on social media like an exhibition,  rather I feel the immense  love and happiness,  fear of sorrow,   breakup or marriage,  birth or funeral,  should be kept locked safely in our heart.   Are these happiness monitored by us just a click  away.  


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