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Recap: Rhea was working in a big firm and suddenly her father calls and asks her to quit the job and come back due to some news came to her home that she had a boy friend. Rhea started fighting in her own mind with the situation  she was facing. 

Let me take the readers abit back and show you the picture of Rhea’s not so sounding  good life. 

31 Jan,  After serving dinner to papa Rhea initiated her super along with her mom.  While having her meal she was eagerly waiting for her elder brother ” Dr.  Samay”, he was about to reach home somewhere this time only.  The gathering was for about her one of the childhood partner and cousin “Vikas bhaiya”. 

“Papa what do think of the appointment  letter of the interview  which I gave and mentioned you earlier” : Rhea spoke 

Papa: ” date is still on,  what’s the package,  show me the letter”. 

Meanwhile,  Samay  arrives.  “You were about to reach at 10.30 know,  how come it’s 11”, mom said. 

Samay : “ train was late ma”.  Touching the feet he says. 

Mom: “ get his dinner, Rhea”.  

Rhea goes to the kitchen to cook some warm chapattis  for her brother. 

Dad looking at his elder son : “Rhea had got a job,  what do you think shall we allow her to go?  It’s  in Pune. ” 

Samay : “it’s one of the biggest  company,  if you will allow her it would be very beneficial  for her,  even for her marriage  as well.”  conversation  ends. 

Next morning,  dad calls Rhea to show her appointment  letter.  And says her “I don’t believe  you got a job here by your own,  I feel you should go and join. 

Rhea immediately  calls  Arjun to tell him  about the permission,  she asked Arjun that did he get the ops manger’s called cause she got the call as well as the confirmation  of her job.  Arjun informed her that he got the call but was unable to get the call,  he tried several times but no one picked the call. Now what?  For some moment  there was silence over the call.  After a few seconds they decided Rhea shouldn’t  take risk she should go and join the job and she should go to Hr and ask for Arjun as well or else Arjun  will again apply and go to the venue to ask about the status.  

That night  she slept with a relief in her heart,  now she had a job dad’s permission and a boy friend in the same company. What else she should  ask for?  Let destiny  answer  this question. 

For further  story  stay tuned. 


A tough journey. #Part 8

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