Scene 1 : please Dr.  Can you diagnose and tell us the gender of the my to be born kid.” 

If it’s a girl I want it to get aborted

The unborn cried, thinking “is this womb also not safe for me? “

Scene 2: (a loud sound of crying came out of ward) 

“Dr. Who has arrived? ” asked the lady.          ” congratulations!!  An angel has arrived,  you have became a grandma, ” replied  the doctor. 

” oh god!  It was better she could have died when she gave birth. “

And there were two individuals crying at the same time one for her life and other for why is she alive. 

Scene 3: “

it’s not necessary  for you to study, you don’t have to end up doing job,  it’s sufficient  you have studied  for writing letters, go and prepare tea for your brother  he has exam tomorrow” , said mom

And the cravings of her learning left unfulfilled. Looking at her brother with books. 

Scene 4: ” daddy I got a job!  thank you,”  She joyously  informed. 

Dad replied : ” can you refer this job to Mr.  Sharma’s son?” 

She wondered was that a compliment or rejection for her job. 

Scene 5: ” if you have to stay into my house you have to stay according to me,”  said husband.  While  twisting her hand violently. 

Who knew the wound of her hand and heart were regularly been scribbled. 

Scene 6 :  papa,  mom!  I can’t stay with him he hits me daily,”  terribly  she said. 

Dad replied,  “it’s very painful  for a father that her daughter  is continously  leaving her husband’s  home and coming back complaining about him.” 

Mom added,  ” oh dear!  Fights happen in every marriage,  at least  you sacrifice beta,  try to think of family planning,  once you are  involved with kids these issues won’t bother you.” 

Suddenly she found herself an orphan by listening  her parents voice. 

 Scene 7 :  are you virgin?”  groom asked 

“Yes!! ” She replied. 

But the society  granted a proof of her virginity  by the stains of her body in red color on white bedsheet. 

Scene 8 : ” how much will you charge  per night? ” asked the man 
” 1000 /-,” replied the prostitute. 

“Do you realise, it’s too much! ” exclaimed the man. 

” not more than your wife’s  trust sir, ” adds the prostitute. 

And this she showed the mirror to a man, about his manhood. 

Scene 9 : ” It was not our urge, it was She who was  roaming  late night,  we did it to teach her lesson. “rapists  stated  to police. 

” Was it the sacrifice  of my body and peace the cost of my life’s excitement?” Cried the

 victim’s s soul. 


Scene 10 :  “Ashok son,  when are you getting married?”  mom asked 

“mom I’m already married. ”  Ashok replied. 

” but she’s sterile,  and I want a grandson anyhow. “


I’m I only considered  as child producing  machine!!  Exclaimed her daughter  in law. 

 The above 10  scenes which we read are screams of  those hundreds of girls who are victims  of this baised society.  These society tie our legs and say that we are free to move no one has stopped us!! 

Is that so.  No!  I don’t think so. 

What a girl can do with her gender,  for getting granted for her own life, rights and peace. Its not her fault that she’s a girl.  It was made by God,  by the combination xx  chromosome of male and female  gamete. 

If this will be the condition,  I think God will have to come to earth and make understand  about the values and priority of the girl. 

Please protect,  prioritise and possess with the beauty and fragrance  of the soul of these pink loving creatures.  Because until they are surviving you are able to survive. 


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